About Outlook

When first thinking about Outlook in 2017, it was obvious that while people love living in the Eastern Bays, there have been few newly-built homes for people wanting to right-size their life. 

Once the land was acquired and the designs complete and consented, site preparation started in December 2017, in the location that would become 43 new apartments and Mission Bay’s first premier development in many years. 

Outlook attracted a lot of interest from locals and those who once lived in the area and were looking to return.  With its tower building, two mews buildings and shared garden and pavilion areas in the centre there were options to suite a range of lifestyles. 

Almost all of the apartments were purchased at Outlook before the completion of the 24 month build, so when it was time to welcome everyone into their new homes, there was already a well established community. 

Outlook Mission Bay stands proudly as an iconic landmark at the top of the Mission Bay ridge, easily visible when driving down Kepa Rd or from a boat on the harbour.