The Team behind Outlook

The team behind Outlook is a team of many skill sets. Developer, Architect, Builder and Development Manager were all involved from the beginning of the project. Importantly, the team has a very successful history of working together and continues to work together on new development projects.  

People who purchased at Outlook commented on how important the team was, both in their purchase decision and in how it was brought to completion. 

Mike Sullivan – Clearwater Construction

Established in 1984 Clearwater has earned a reputation for its technical expertise, particularly in structural engineering. Their experience extends well beyond apartment buildings and multistorey commercial buildings; their roots in civil infrastructure have given them the knowledge and understanding to produce structurally sound buildings that will last. In the last ten years they have completed a significant number of projects in Auckland, including Thompson Park, Mt Wellington and a state-of-the-art warehouse facility at 130 Bush Road. 

Martin Cooper – Cooper & Associates

This development management company brings together engineering savvy with a passion for the property industry. The company has been involved in a diverse range of builds, from boutique projects through to major developments with a value in excess of $200 million. Led by Martin Cooper, the company’s strength in project governance, financial control and ensuring on time delivery have benefited developers and home owners equally. 

Simon Elvidge – MAP Architects

Formed in 2001, this Christchurch-based practice has an impressive breadth of experience across both the commercial and private residential sectors. Through many residential commissions they have a strong idea of what ‘home’ means to New Zealanders, and this is evidenced in their design for Outlook. 

Gretl Lukas – Lukas Design

Led by award-winning designer Gretl Lukas, Lukas Design delivers enduring and considered design solutions. Gretl’s vision and attention to detail ensures excellence in every project they undertake. The combination of extensive experience, in-depth knowledge of layering materials and fabrics and a sophisticated use of colour and attention to form and space, ultimately ensures the creation of exquisite interiors for work, home and holidays. Clients trust Lukas Design to deliver luxurious lodges, exquisite homes, productive workspaces, and beautiful restaurants.