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Outlook Mission Bay Project Update 14

There’s one word that everyone is using to describe Auckland so far this month – wet. And that looks set to continue. The frequent rain and high winds have created some challenges for work on the outside of the buildings, but the builders have been pushing through and we’re determined not to let our spirits be dampened. Even a rainy day in Mission Bay is better than most.

In anticipation of sunny days and enjoying the grass outside, we’re happy to say that all of the outdoor tables and chairs have arrived onsite and look beautiful. They will be added to the pavilion area soon and will complement the BBQs and fridges, ready to welcome owners and guests alike.

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Outlook Mission Bay Project Update 13

Following the removal of the tower crane, one of the next milestones towards completion is to remove the scaffolding around the building. It’s exciting to see that a large portion of the building is now visible, and it should only be a couple of days until all is revealed.

The architects have used a combination of anodized fins and cylindrical ‘curtains’ running down the outside of the building to contrast against the concrete and glass and meet the ‘relaxed beachy feel’ brief that was given.


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Outlook Mission Bay Project Update 12

It doesn’t seem that long since the tower crane was first installed, but enormous changes have occurred since it first started lifting materials on to the site. The crane has now been dismantled and taken away, one of the largest milestones towards completing Outlook and it was captivating to see the specialist team in action.


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It’s The Little Things

The scale model of Outlook Mission Bay on opening night.

As designers and developer, we are passionate about the little things. The brushmarks on a beautiful painting. The feel and texture of the leather.

But also just how well something actually works. How easy was it to get in the door with the groceries? Is there enough room to do the laundry without it spilling out into the hallway? Is there a power point for the phone charger?

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Outlook Mission Bay Project Update 10

We’re now weather-tight!

With the roof in place before Christmas (photo on right), the Clearwater Construction team have worked hard with the sub-contractors to get all of the windows and doors installed to make the building fully weather-tight. A great milestone to achieve before recent rain!

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A different option for every night of the week

They say nothing but a brick, wood-fuelled oven can seal in the authentic flavour of a true Neapolitan pizza. Lucky then for the residents of Outlook Mission Bay with Dante’s Pizzeria opening just across the road at the stylish new ‘Eatery at Eastridge’.

The pizzas are cooked in a brick oven, in this case, a bright red tile mosaic version (and the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere), for just 90 seconds or less. They use only the best Italian and freshest NZ ingredients to create some of the finest pizzas available in Auckland!

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7 things you don’t have to do when going on holiday from an apartment

After the rain around Christmas day, this summer stretch in Auckland has been stunning.

We’ve been talking with a few people who will be moving into Outlook later this year about their summer rituals. For many, the summer break means getting away from home and enjoying the beach house, spending time in the sun and relaxing with friends and family.

Regardless of what you do while you’re away, with a conventional house, getting away means a list of several other ‘rituals’ that we’d all like to avoid.

Our Outlook purchasers can stop reading now, but if you’ve not yet decided to move into a community like Outlook Mission Bay, here are 7 things you’ll need to have on your ‘to do’ list before you pack up and head out next summer.

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