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Outlook Mission Bay Project Update 11

Work is well underway and on track inside the three buildings at Outlook Mission Bay, so we wanted to highlight what’s happening on the outside, the surrounding gardens and the pavilion.



The Gardens are one of the elements that make Outlook so unique and they are coming together beautifully. The first topsoil is down, the raised beds are well underway and the trees are starting to spread their roots in their new Mission Bay home.

Just like the people who will soon be joining them, we’re looking forward to seeing the trees grow and develop the character of Outlook over the coming years. We know they will be in good hands.

From the beginning of the design process, we wanted to provide a central gathering place for the community at Outlook to enjoy. Whether it be a quiet BBQ with neighbours, a birthday with the grandchildren or a formal garden party at Christmas time, the Outlook Garden BBQ Pavillion will be at the heart of the gathering.

Construction of the BBQ pavilion is underway now. We’ve ordered the Viking BBQs and the refrigerators that will be available year-round in the pavilion, looking out into the gardens.

We also have the tables and chairs for the pavilion, selected by Gretl Lukas and on the way.

The Vondom chairs are arriving from the East Coast of Spain, bringing with them the simple elegance of the region, ready to take their place here in Mission Bay.

We’ve recently had the surveyors in to start the process of the titles. Lots of measurement to be made, but it’s exciting to have this team on-site as it signals to everyone that these homes are becoming a reality.

The site remains abuzz with activity and everyone is looking forward to being able to welcome people into their new homes in less than five months.

All these new additions mean that we will be saying an excited goodbye to some of our construction equipment. We will soon be farewelling the big yellow crane, affectionately known as ‘Big Bird’, and much of the scaffolding and gantries. This will be making room for the continued landscaping and to start installing the louvres on the buildings.

With both the crane and scaffolding leaving the site, the finished building will be starting to come into view.