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Outlook Mission Bay Project Update 12

It doesn’t seem that long since the tower crane was first installed, but enormous changes have occurred since it first started lifting materials on to the site. The crane has now been dismantled and taken away, one of the largest milestones towards completing Outlook and it was captivating to see the specialist team in action.


In recent weeks the Clearwater team have started installing many of the fins, screens and architectural features to the exterior of the buildings. Different patterns are taking shape including the anodized screens that provide cover to some of the bedrooms.


In the shared garden area, the BBQ Pavilion continues to be worked on and the team has been busy preparing the area where the lawn will be laid. The block layers have completed building the planters for the two olive trees that will be planted shortly.


The first of the furniture for the pavilion has now arrived with dining tables sourced from local designer Tim Webber. Tim has been making big waves in the New Zealand furniture industry with beautiful designs and high-quality construction.



Now that the base of the tower crane no longer resides in the basement the team can seal off the underground car parking. The storage area will be located where the crane once stood so this will now be prepared for the arrival of locally fabricated metal lockers. Other basement work includes prepping for car parking spaces and direction arrows to be painted.


While exterior work has been going on, the interiors team have been hard at work installing fixtures and fittings. Appliance installs in kitchens and laundries are underway and the lifts should be commissioned for use shortly.